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The National Trust Urban Polaris is a unique seven hour cycling and navigation event set in and around Canberra. The event is undertaken in pairs and consists of teams finding the fastest route throughout a series of control points spread all around the Canberra region. Each control point is assigned a point value that competitors collect to accumulate the highest score. At the end of the day the team with the highest score (minus any time penalties for running over the allotted seven hour time limit) is declared the winner. “Orienteering on wheels” is a comment that simplistically sums up the event!

The Urban Polaris has been successfully run numerous times over the past 15 years and this year the National Trust has decided to tie the concept into historic sites/assets spread throughout Canberra. From forgotten suburban cemeteries to World War I training trenches participants will delight in unlocking secrets of Canberra’s history at locations closer to home than they may think.

The National Trust Urban Polaris is open to competitors of every skill and fitness level. The best thing about the Polaris is that it’s up to each competitor to decide how they want to participate in the event. For the serious rider the event can be a test of skill and endurance otherwise the Polaris can be your excuse to take in Canberra’s sights from the back of your bike. It’s your event. You set the pace, you set the goals. As long as you’re out on your bike and having fun, you can’t get it wrong.

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The National Trust of Australia (ACT) is a non-government, non-profit, community organisation. Membership is open to any individual, family, business or organisation. We currently have around 1700 members in the ACT and surrounding region. This is the highest per capita membership of any State/Territory branch of the National Trust movement in Australia. The Trust is financed by membership subscriptions, donations and fund raising activities. Donations to the National Trust are Tax deductible (the Trust is specifically mentioned in the Taxation Act).

One of the major benefits of joining the National Trust is, of course, free entry to properties managed by National Trusts and affiliated organisations in Australia and overseas. However, the Trust also has an extensive program of tours catering for a wide spectrum of interests – ranging from local heritage tours; through weekend trips to places of historic interest; to longer tours interstate and overseas.

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